Best ideas how to spend a jackpot

Here have just won the jackpot from the pachinko, table games or the bingo at your favorite casino. Pooh, what a lucky one you are! Now, what next? How will you spend this money? I mean, they could be gone in a flip, but before they do, you should use the jackpot in a rational manner.

Financial management and lottery win go hand in hand. Here are a few tips on how best to make your money work for you as you watch your empires grow.

1. First things first, PAY YOUR DEBTS OFF.

For you to secure your future financially you first have to have financial freedom; this is the best way of spending your jackpot which implies that any economic ties are to be eliminated. Bank loans and any other loan especially those that earn interest ought to be removed. Do some evaluation; some loans can be better paid off after the investments you make generate income. Weigh between the interest rates and your investment potential. Please note that the promises you made to your friends and family are not strong ties, after all, they can always wait. After this, you will then have a clean slate on which to start the journey to your version of Disney World.


You now want to plunge your money into something useful. What exactly are you going to invest? Write down your ideas in detail, then weigh them and choose the best one. Consider all possible alternatives while putting into consideration the risks that you are willing and able to bear. Consider having a business plan. Evaluate them critically; you cannot afford to let your hard earned luck go to waste.

It would be a good idea to have a financial advisor. Do not do it alone, have expert opinion and advice from a trustworthy and experienced individual or company. Let them help you see beyond, this will broaden your scope, and you will be better informed and in a position to make a wise decision. How else will you best spend your jackpot?!


If you are to spend your prize well, this is not the time to throw money around, oh no. Be deliberate in every penny you use. Remember to budget for the games too. There is the temptation to possibly quit your job and live the high life, but sit a while and see the bigger picture. Maintain your living standards; budget for the daily needs then consider implementing the ideas you now have after seeking advice and considering all your options. It is better to build an empire then move into it than to make progress into an empty field in the hope of building an empire there.


Spend your money on income generating activity; this is the it’ thing in spending your jackpot. You can do this through the stock market, in a business or any other suitable endeavor. You may choose to save your money, that is a good idea, but the chances of it getting depleted before you do anything meaningful are high. Take a risk; it is better to try and fail than to not try at all.


I don’t mean you go buying the most advanced home theater! Buy something whose value increases over time or something that establishes you such as building a home. Real estate is an industry that grows fast especially with the rising population and sense of style; you may consider investing there. It guarantees your future and that of your dependants.


We live in a community, and there will always be the needy around us, give back to the society by making generous donations without depleting your finances. This is a win-win kind of act. Look at it this way, as you help someone you also build a name for yourself and expand your social ground. You will need the society if you are to succeed.


Your sweat should never go down the drain. You work for your property so protect it. Whether you have to employ a manager, hire security guards or take an insurance cover, protect your babies; your wealth. Whatever you do, insurance is a must-do, and it will save you on a rainy day.


You won the lottery; you had the tricks, remember them skills and advance them now and then. If you don’t have the time, opt out of betting. It is better than losing. Whenever you game, spend sparingly and with calculated moves lest you lose it all in a moment. Never forget where you came from, even when you choose to walk out of it.

Shuffle Tracking

Blackjack has developed a reputation as being a game that can be beat. This is something that started with card counting which actually can be used to give the player an advantage over the house. However the casinos have gone to great lengths to make this is as difficult as possible. As a result new techniques have become necessary to beat the casino. One of those is shuffle tracking. This is exactly what you would think it would, it is keeping track of where cards end up when they are shuffled. If you are planning to count cards at one of the Casino’s on the Las Vegas Strip, you better know they are not offering the “best” blackjack games in the world, so keeping your eyes on the shuffle is vital if you’re looking to maximize your odds.

Shuffle tracking is the next logical step in the evolution of card counting in blackjack. It is based on the fact that in a multiple deck game the last deck will not get dealt but the cards will be shuffled and you will start over again instead. That means that if you have a high count when they reshuffle the deck then you know that there are a lot of tens and aces in that deck. If you could figure out where those cards ended up when they were shuffled you would have an advantage. The belief is that the cards are not shuffled all that thoroughly so there is a good chance that they will stay relatively close to each other.

Of course being able to figure out where the deck you are interested in ends up when the cards are shuffled is not easy. There are a few ways that you can do this but they are all based on keeping track of large clusters of cards. This obviously takes a long time to learn and you will have to put in a lot of practice before you are ready to start trying it in a casino.

Before you even think about trying shuffle tracking you need to be proficient at counting cards. This is something that few people can do well as it is. Adding shuffle tracking to the equation will just make it more complicated. If you can’t keep the count properly you are not going to be successful no matter how well you are able to track the cards when they are being shuffled. Once you have a good handle on card counting you are going to want to make sure that you learn a system for shuffle tracking and practice it thoroughly.

Shuffle tracking can greatly increase your odds if you do it correctly, far higher than basic card counting. However, if you get it wrong you could find yourself with even worse odds than if you weren’t using any system at all. You also need to be careful when you are doing this because casinos are very wary of shuffle tracking. They have gone to great lengths to reduce the advantage of card counters but they haven’t yet figured out a way to take away the advantage of the shuffle trackers. If they suspect that you are doing it you will be asked to leave the casino.


Why Nexus?

“I wanted to create an airplane that utilized the best construction methods and aesthetics found on other classic designs.   Nexus means a connected group or series – this aircraft has a connection with many homebuilt types!” Dick Eaves

The Designer

Nexus Mustang was created by Richard (Dick) Eaves of London, Ontario, Canada.

Dick built many of the classic homebuilt designs starting in 1962 with a Baby Ace and more recently a Midget Mustang (which won a Bronze Lindy Award at Oshkosh 2000).

Dick is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Canadian equivalent to an A&P) with over 25 years of experience repairing all sorts of light aircraft.

The Inspiration

After Oshkosh 2000 Dick was ready for a new project. What he wanted to build next was a scratch built 2 place tandem aircraft that was similar to the Midget Mustang. Dick didn’t find what he was looking for so he decided to design his own. Having seen how other aircraft of similar construction and specification were made, Dick borrowed upon his years of homebuilding experience to create Nexus Mustang.