Why Nexus?

“I wanted to create an airplane that utilized the best construction methods and aesthetics found on other classic designs. ¬†¬†Nexus means a connected group or series – this aircraft has a connection with many homebuilt types!” Dick Eaves

The Designer

Nexus Mustang was created by Richard (Dick) Eaves of London, Ontario, Canada.

Dick built many of the classic homebuilt designs starting in 1962 with a Baby Ace and more recently a Midget Mustang (which won a Bronze Lindy Award at Oshkosh 2000).

Dick is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Canadian equivalent to an A&P) with over 25 years of experience repairing all sorts of light aircraft.

The Inspiration

After Oshkosh 2000 Dick was ready for a new project. What he wanted to build next was a scratch built 2 place tandem aircraft that was similar to the Midget Mustang. Dick didn’t find what he was looking for so he decided to design his own. Having seen how other aircraft of similar construction and specification were made, Dick borrowed upon his years of homebuilding experience to create Nexus Mustang.