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Performance Goals

Nexus Mustang is a 2 place tandem aircraft with generous sized seats and super performance.
The prototype uses a fixed pitch propeller and is fixed gear for simple operation and lower cost.
Performance objectives were exceeded and the handling, both in the air and on the ground are delightful!


EngineLycoming O-360-C1A
Horsepower180 @ 2700 RPM
PropellerSensenich 72FNB S16-1-85
(fixed pitch aluminum)
Wing Span22' 2"
Wing Area91.8 sq. ft
Length19' 9"
Height5' 7"
Gross Weight  1,700 lbs
Empty Weight  1,085 lbs
Interior Width  Front 30" Aft 30"
C of G Limits  15.5 to 30% MAC
Baggage Limit  40 lbs with 2 x 170 lb pilots

Based on C-GZVV (with fixed pitch propeller)

Top Speed:     240 MPH / 210 Kts
75% Cruise:    210 MPH / 175 Kts

Stall Speed (gross):
                      70 MPH clean
                      63 MPH flaps down

Rate of Climb:
                     2,200 FPM solo
                     1,700 FPM gross
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